• The SEO Component You’re Likely Missing
    [March 22, 2016] No SEO or web marketing campaign is complete without social media marketing. In fact, we are entering an age where SEO cannot succeed without a solid social media/content strategy in place with active online engagement. Social media provides a great opportunity to engage with your audience and deliver value, information and positive brand messaging to […]
  • Facebook Updates Video Metrics in Page Insights
    [February 22, 2016] Facebook announced about rolling out a redesigned video metrics interface in Page Insights. Based on the publishers’ feedback, some new metrics have been added and it is now easier for the publishers to see important video metrics from the previous interface for Page Insights. Below is the old layout This is how the redesigned interface […]
  • Google Launches New Optimization Tab in the AdSense
    [January 19, 2016] Google announced the launch of a new optimization tab in the AdSense interface, which appears at the top next to the performance reports tab. The tab shows tailored tips for your site. Google calls it a “one-top shop” for all the resources that could help you increase revenue and user engagement. More specifically, the tab […]
  • How to Find Your Target Audience on Facebook
    [November 30, 2015] Targeting all one billion Facebook users may seem like the right way to get your brand out there, but you’d be wasting your money by reaching people who may not be interested in your message. Not only are you reaching users who are less likely interact with your content, but you’re also more likely to […]
  • Looking to Improve Search Visibility? Avoid These 5 Mistakes
    [October 26, 2015] “How can I improve my search visibility?” is a question we hear often here at flyte. And for good reason: Recent studies show that over 85% of consumers use the internet to findlocal businesses. That means, if you’re a small local business, appearing prominently in search results is critical for you.
  • Facebook or LinkedIn: Which Reigns Supreme for Lead Generation?
    [October 22, 2015] Millions of social media users have made it easier for marketers to find prospects. That’s why businesses are now taking advantage of sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to build up their own customer base and promote their brands. According to Digital Insights’ recent study, 74% of marketers imply that Facebook is significant in lead generation. […]
  • SEO Red Flag: “Links Don’t Matter”
    [September 29, 2015] Every once in a while, SEOs try to be so cutting edge that they fall off the deep end. In the past few years, there have been some pretty significant shifts in search algorithms, and cracking down on links has been one of the primary focuses at Google. But no where in there did links […]
  • Twitter Event Targeting Creates A New Way To Reach Audiences
    [September 2, 2015] Twitter is stepping up their targeting game. Last month they introduced event targeting, which allows advertisers to reach audiences interested in specific events. This new targeting option has been added to the additional targeting criteria on the Twitter ads dashboard where you can easily browse for events by category (sports, entertainment, holidays, conferences, politics, and […]
  • Google Adds New User Consent Policy To Adsense
    [July 31, 2015] Google announced the implementation of a new user consent policy for AdSense as the result of demands from the European Union. The policy makes publishers who have site visitors from the EU ask permission for using their data.
  • Everyone Can Now Use Google App Engine For Go
    [July 17, 2015] Google announced the general availability of App Engine for Go, the cloud-native open source language aimed at solving large-scale compute issues.
  • How To Work Social Media and Search Into Your Content Marketing
    [June 22, 2015] Whether your role is in search, social media, marketing communications or PR, the importance of content marketing is unmistakable.
  • Should B2B Marketers Look At Potential For Instagram?
    [June 1, 2015] Instagram has obviously become a major channel of focus for some marketers, but it would seem that only B2C marketers place much significance on it.
  • Are you thinking clearly about the search ranking algorithm?
    [May 8, 2015] Last week was an interesting week in search marketing, with Google rolling out what pundits cheekily describe as “mobilegeddon”–Google’s update to their search ranking algorithm that boosts mobile-friendly sites while lowering the rankings for sites that don’t display well on small screens. The way that you have responded to this news says a lot about […]
  • EU Will Soon Move Ahead With Google’s Antitrust Charges
    [April 16, 2015] Earlier this month, we heard that the European Commission was about to “move against” Google, “setting the stage for charges” against the search giant after a five-year-long investigation and several attempts by Google to settle. Now, the WSJ isreporting again that Europe’s antitrust regulator has indeed decided to file formal charges.
  • The Much Awaited Google Mobile Algorithm Puts Customers First!
    [March 30, 2015] The Ritz-Carlton’s customer service model is a pyramid, where the consumer expectations is at the base, requests in the middle, and delights at the top. Similarly, Google runs its customer service model, according to the #SESMiami keynote from Maile Ohye, developer programs tech lead for Google. It’s because of this pyramid model that Google plans […]
  • How SEO has changed in 2015
    [March 9, 2015] Search engine optimization in 2015 was just one of the topics in a fast-moving SEMrush Twitter chat that I was invited to recently on how to integrate SEO into the marketing mix. This was my first time as the guest on the SEMrush chat and it was a dizzying experience–hundreds of participants and thousands of tweets.
  • Search Engine Rankings Are The Trophy, Not The Goal
    [February 9, 2015] We all love good search engine rankings. But one thing I’ve been realizing more and more lately is that we need to stop treating search engine rankings as if they are the goal of our online marketing efforts. In fact, too many people are running the wrong race. Rankings are not the goal, they are […]
  • Improve Your Search and Social Outlook With These Tips
    [February 3, 2015] My consulting includes doing very deep, thorough, site audits. I’m looking for issues that have been recently killing their recent performance on search.  All of my clients are convinced that there’s something outside themselves that have resulted in their site crashing in organic search. The initial conversation generally almost always reveals that the client feels […]
  • Native Video Coming Closer For Twitter
    [January 13, 2015] Last November, Twitter said that a native video feature – one that allowed users to record and edit their own videos for in-line appearance in tweets – was on the way. The timing was said to be early 2015.
  • Facebook Gets More Than 1 Billion Video Views Daily!
    [January 9, 2015] In its recent statistics release, Facebook revealed that it has experienced an explosive growth in the video uploads and views. Since June 2014, the social network has averaged more than 1 billion video views daily.
  • Penguin 3.0 Rollout Still Going On, Confirms Google!
    [December 2, 2014] The shifts and changes in search results noted throughout the industry on Thanksgiving day were the result of Penguin 3.0, the refresh that started rolling out 6 weeks ago.
  • The real problem with Google might be Facebook
    [November 7, 2014] Maybe the trouble with Google is simply our expectations? Or maybe it’s Facebook?
  • The ABCs of SEO
    [October 21, 2014] My oldest started kindergarten this year, and with that comes learning the ABCs. This means most of my nights are spent looking at poorly copied indecipherable black-and-white copies of images whose first letters my son is supposed to learn. So when my time came to write for the Vizion blog, I got the bright idea […]
  • Google Announces Panda 4.1 Update
    [September 30, 2014] September 25, 2014 Google has officially announced Panda 4.1 27th update algorithm that specially designed to filter low quality or thin content from ranking high in the search engines. It started most likely last Tuesday or Wednesday and it will continue this week and beyond week until it is completed. In the Panda 4.1 update […]
  • 10 Tips For Creating Better Infographics and Other Visual Content
    [September 12, 2014] “And what is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversation?” Alice in Wonderland Tell me something. When you look at your email inbox, feed reader or favorite social network, are you underwhelmed with information?